Profit Professionals provides counsel and services to help clients manage their costs, improve their bottom line and achieve their financial goals.  The proven Hidden Profits Discovery SystemTM works quickly to deliver larger than expected sustainable savings.  Our unique proprietary processes and software have helped us save over $16 million for clients over 18 years.

Sometimes even great companies need more skills and an outside perspective. Profit Professionals are in markets frequently so we know the market trends and the best value goods and services. We pass this information on to clients.  Vendors recognize us as representing volume so we get to the best pricing efficiently.  We typically help with freight & courier, packaging, uniforms, insurance, telecommunications, WSIB and more.

A unique feature of our business is that if no new profits are created for clients, no fees are charged.  In addition, clients can take comfort knowing that the fees we do charge are based on the profits that we work to create.  This is a win/win scenario for clients to have specialists work with their team with no financial commitment or risk.  We take very little client time to complete our projects.  We roll up our sleeves to button down your costs.

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