Corporate excellence is often described as the outstanding practices involved in managing an organization.  To achieve Corporate Excellence the organization must excel in achieving superior results, based on a set of fundamental concepts and values.  These include maximizing return on investment, minimizing overhead costs, utilizing resources to their fullest, being a leader in customer focused measures and staffing procedures and reducing waste.  This organization must also be community minded with a drive for continued learning and growth.


The Strategic Partners are focused on helping our clients move closer to Corporate Excellence through our efforts and introductions to professional assistance in many areas.  It is our goal to help our clients succeed and grow.


Our Next Meeting is Presidents Day on June 15, 2023 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Click here to details.


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The Strategic Partners Corporate Excellence Forums


The Corporate Excellence Forum hosted by The Strategic Partners is designed to enhance business capabilities through continual learning.  Bringing together top external industry experts and business leaders in our community is part of our commitment to Corporate Excellence.


The Strategic Partners are constantly on the lookout for ways to help our clients increase their profits through our focus on strategizing, organizing and practical execution.  Our collective goal is to help our clients move closer to “Corporate Excellence”


These principles are deeply held by our members.  To continually refresh and renew our knowledge, we have created the quarterly Corporate Excellence Forum so our members and guests can learn, share and benefit from dynamic relationships.  These discussions are an opportunity to learn from leading experts in business on the latest trends and developments to improve business performance and personal growth.


Attendance to these 90 minute Microsoft Teams video forums is by invitation only.  There is no selling or marketing here; this is simply an opportunity to learn, reflect and grow.


These meetings are open to Strategic Partner members, their clients, and potential members and clients.  There are no fees to attend.  Participants will receive copies of the presentation materials following the meeting.  You will also receive an attendance list.


If you would like to attend, or to present valuable information, please contact the Strategic Partners at [email protected]


We look forward to learning together!



Please contact Ross Bauer for more information about the Strategic Partners.

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