GoEnergy facilitates the business of bringing energy to companies by arranging transportation, storage, hedging, scheduling and every other requirement to facilitate the sale of natural gas and electricity in Ontario. We help mid-sized companies understand how, where and when they use energy. Through education we introduce strategies to reduce energy usage and become more efficient. With knowledge and confidence our clients obtain energy security and save with low cost supply, tracking and incentive programs.

The Go Forward Program™

Reduce your energy spending by up to 50% by joining The Go Forward Program™. Energy costs are going up and effective savings options are confusing. We created The Go Forward Program™ to help companies understand their energy usage and become more efficient. Companies on the program save money on energy expenses by avoiding The Up In Smoke Trap. The Go Forward Program™ is based on our experience working with hundreds of companies over twenty years. We've learned that many companies do not optimize their energy costs because their energy usage does not support their business goals.

We call this The Up In Smoke Trap.

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