Freedom for Founder provides a snapshot of a business owners personal and professional decisions around Why and How they would like to exit the business.  Your business has provided jobs, supported suppliers, brought you significance and a lifestyle. Whether you’re ready today to sell or liquidate, or you’re planning for the future, most owners hesitate because they lack the time, knowledge and motivation to prepare an exit strategy.


Research proves that Business Owners that go through the exit planning process are more likely to:


  1. Build a more profitable business with less stress,
  2. Accumulate more personal wealth and pay less tax,
  3. Protect their family and employees due to unexpected events like disease or death.


Freedom for Founders offers two (2) facilitated programs to build your exit plan or determine your future exit strategy and growth plan.



If you have questions about how to proceed, you’re not alone. Most business owners share your hesitation about how to prepare for, offer, and negotiate the sale of a small business:


  1. Is the business saleable and if so, is it ready to sell?
  2. Is the business profitable and compelling for a buyer to show interest?
  3. How much is the business worth today and what can be done to increase its value?
  4. Are you bored, burnt-out or in poor health to manage the business for 12-24 months after the sale?
  5. Are you receiving external pressure from family/shareholders to communicate an exit plan?


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